Frieda’s Who’s Your Baby Butter Babies Potatoes

label for frieda's who's your baby butter baby potatoes
In spite of having one of the longest most redundant names ever, I bought a bag of Frieda’s Who’s Your Baby Butter Babies Potatoes. They were $2.50 per 1.5 pound bag at the grocery store. The package has the word “butter” or some derivation of “butter” on it four times and the claim that they are “Butterlicious! No butter needed.”

This is the same claim that the similarly-hued Yukon Gold potato made when it hit the market decades ago, but there’s no indication of a connection (perhaps Butter Babies are just baby Yukon Golds?).


For a taste test, I cooked them using my standard preparation: quartered, tossed in oil, salt-and-peppered, then oven roasted.

Prep was easy. The Butter Babies were almost entirely dirt-free. All I did was rinse and cut—no scrubbing needed.  The skin was very thin and soft, like a red potato. Inside, they were just as buttery-yellow as advertised.


As I usually do, I rinsed some of the potato starch off the potatoes after cutting. I covered with cold water and agitated a little…

img_1918 img_1917

…and drained off the starchy water. Then, I patted them dry with a paper towel.


Then, I tossed them with some oil, salt, and pepper and popped them in a 425° oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.


They weren’t crispy, but they sure were roasty.

The texture was velvety with a hint of sweetness, a bit like steamed carrots and maybe just a tad banana-y (maybe it’s the yellow playing a Jedi mind trick on me). I think those two qualities—the velvety texture and sweetness—are what the marketers are deeming butter-equivalency in the Butter Babies.

Overall, Butter Babies are good potatoes.  I paired them with a vegetable quiche at dinner and with my usual overeasy eggs and toast for breakfast and they did the job.


I might buy them again, if I was looking for a quick and easy side dish. Their small size, thin skin, and cleanliness mean they’d be super easy to toss in a pot or pan and have ready in 15 minutes. I saw a recipe for Smashed Butter Babies that looks like it’d be worth a shot.

I’ve contacted frieda’s for more information about their butter babies potatoes. You can find a little bit of information yourself at their website, which also has a video about their specialty produce items.