Purple Peruvian Potatoes

I bought some Purple Peruvian seed potatoes from the Tractor Supply Co. store on a whim in the spring. I got them in the ground long after mid-April and barely read the instructions on the back. I just kind of threw them willy nilly in the ground and walked away from them.

I watered them when I remembered to and hand picked the weeds from the garden bed.

After about a month, they looked like this:

potato (2)


Come mid-July, they had started to sprawl into vines.



And produce white flowers.


In September, we had roofers come in and they trampled the potato patch. The vines hadn’t died back yet, but I figured I’d dig in and find what I could find.

The tubers were still very small. Elongated and purple. As my four year old son said, “Looks like a bunch of shit.” He was sort of right. I have no idea where he learned that word.


All washed up, even more purple.


I gave them the standard treatment: tossed in olive oil and salt and oven roasted. They tasted very much like regular potatoes. I expected them to taste like sweet potatoes, but the didn’t. They did have a rich, caramelized overtone, though. It sort of reminded me of the burnt edges of brownies.


Very tasty. Would grow again.