Yukon Gold Thick Cut Ruffle Chips


I bought some Yukon Golds from the grocery store.  They came in a bag that was opaque on the top to prevent light from damaging the thin-skinned tubers. Yukon Golds, when invented by the Canadians, was advertised as being naturally creamy, thus needing no butter or cream.

Admittedly, we eat with our eyes. But as with all things, Yukon Golds still benefit from added fat, be it butter or oil. They do have a rich yellow color and a high moisture content, though, which makes them good for mashing or baking.

I thought I’d try them as thick-cut ruffle chips. Chipping potatoes typically have high solids and low moisture, so the Yukon Gold isn’t an obvious candidate. But I experimented all the same.

I did my best to get them thin with my trusty wavy cutter. I had poor results. I’m a clumsy mess.

I gave the chips the standard treatment: tossed in olive oil with a little salt. Then, into the oven they went.

To make up for my lack of uniformity, I cooked the thicker slices on the hot side of the oven and shifted them around or removed the smaller ones (into my mouth) if they crisped up.

The max cook time was about 25 minutes in a 425°F degree oven. I don’t fry things at home. It’s too perilous and I can’t control the temperature as well as the oven can.

Some of the chips were very good. Thick and crisp all the way through with a satisfying crunch. Others were more like waffle fries than chips.



Pristine Yukon Gold Potato
The Yukon Gold Potato has a very thin skin. The ones I bought in the store had no dirt to speak of and needed no scrubbing. Just a quick rinse and then onto the chopping block.



Yukon Gold Potato Chips
My wavy cutter is not a good tool for my impatient hands. A mandoline or food processor is the way to go if you want to do this right. But here you can see the nice yellow flesh of the potato.
Yukon gold wavy potato chips in water
If you are doing a big batch, let the cut slices mellow in some cold water to avoid oxidization (browning). Rinsing the starch off also improves crisping in the oven.
Wavy yukon gold potato chips
Towel dry your potatoes for better cooking.
Baked potato chips
A hot mess. Shift the thinner chips around or pull them out when they are done.
Baked Yukon Gold Ruffle Chips
These potato chips are ready for a flip. I like to pull them out, let them cool most of the way, and then pop them back in or added crunch.


Oven fried potato chips
They sure get dark before they get crispy. But they taste excellent. I used seasoned salt for flavor.
Baked potato chips
These ones were nice and crunchy
This is the ideal thickness (sorry for bad focus). Too thin and they disintegrate. Too thick and they stay moist inside. Still good, but not what I was going for.